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How To: Post a Picture

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Colonel Gold

Colonel Gold
The Dark Side
There are three ways to upload a picture:
"Hosting" from your computer files, via button:
Now, I do have to warn you, this isn't the best way because sometimes, like in my case, the host will say that the file is "corrupt" or some other thing. But hosting is quite easy. Find the button that has a picture of a picture (pictureception) and then what I guess (it's really small) is a disk in front of it. If you hover over it, it'll say "Host an image." So, press the button. A little popup will come up. You'll get options. Press the "Browse" button under the "File" option. Then find the saved picture you want to post. Then (the picture I chose conveniently worked) press the "Upload" button. The page will load and now that popup should show three links: Thumbnail, Image, and Image URL. Choose Image, and press the copy button. (To be sure, you can right click and press Copy) That'll copy the link and should look like
[ url=][img ][/ img][/ url]
Note that I added spaces so that the actual thing wouldn't show up. Now, if you want the image to be clickable and pop up in a new window in an expanded version, leave it as it is. If you want to just have the image in your post with no link, get rid of the [ url= thelinkthatyouhave] and the [/url ]. And that's it.
Inserting, via button:
Next to the Host an image button will be another button, with the picture of a picture (pictureception) and then a little plus. For this you'll need the image URL. Taking my example from the previous explanation, my image URL would be Note that the URL has the .jpg, which is the file. You file also might be .png which is perfectly fine. Once you have your image URL, copy it. Press the Instert image button, and in the URL box, paste your URL. Then just press insert, and you're done.
The most convenient way, in my opinion:
All right. This is my favorite way, because it's easiest and you can use it to post an image anywhere on this site, such as the chatbox. Here you'll also need the image URL (ends with the file type .jpg, .jpeg, .png, whatever). Then you'll type in [img ]theimagelinkhere[ / img] Note that I only added spaces to show you guys. Normally there are no spaces. And that's that, once you hit send, the words will be turn into an image.

*Hint/Tip* I suggest ALWAYS hitting preview when adding an image, even if you've mastered the ways. Sometimes there might be a messup and the picture won't come out, instead only words.

**If you do not know how to find your image URL online, read this.

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