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1Elementals Sign-up Empty Elementals Sign-up on Sat Jul 06, 2013 9:09 pm

Warrant Officer Silver

Warrant Officer Silver
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Communist Admins
Before joining the RP, you of course need to make a character.
Sign-Up Sheet:


If you would like to see an example, go to page 1 on the Elementals RP.




Name: Zero
Gender: female
Age: 17
Season: Winter
History: Zeros mother had died in a car accident when she was small, leaving her to be raised in an orphanage. Her father was
absent in her childhood. Even though shes seventeen and able to take care of herself, the orphanage refused to let her leave until, one night, she had just disappeared. In truth she had escaped into the city, eventually getting a job, where she slept on the rooftop until she had enough saved for an apartment. It was nice, with a view. She decided that she was going to get a dog to make it more like home. Ironically, on the way, she found a rather large on stuck in some wire mesh. She kept him, and she was content. Until, one day, she gets in a rather unfortunate accident.
Personality: Likes to celebrate, though she is often quick to argue.
Skills: Fast, can cook well.
Description: Tall, long white hair with bright silver eyes.


Name: King
Gender: male
Age: 18
Season: Darkness
History: King is believed to be the strongest and most cunning among the Servants of Shadows, though he resists supporting the cause. At the age of ten he met and raised Cosmo, his almost-brother. They  commited serious crimes together, usually followed by a patrol car or two.
Personality: often never serious, tends to get under peoples skin.
Skills: Especially skilled at robbing banks and jewelry stores.
Description: Skinny, like his brother, tall, raven black hair with red tips. His eyes are a deep crimson.


Name: Cosmo
Gender: male
Age: 16
Season: Darkness.
History: Cosmos past wasn't too remarkable, since he tailed behind King like a lost puppy. Often had cases of Amnesia as a child. It only occurred if he was in a traumatizing incident. Shunned by his fellow street rats, he never got the childhood that every kid dreamed about.
Personality: Serious, often emotionless. Ir he knows someone well, his true self peaks out.
Skills: Can draw well, though he rarely got ahold of paper.
Description: Pale, skinny, with jet black hair and green eyes. His eyes and hair were taken as a bad omen at the time of his birth.



Name: Solstice (Sol)
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Season: Summer


Sol grew up with only her father, and she didn't understand why until he explained it when she was 11, but she was a happy child. They lived in a great neighborhood, with lots of kids, and their house was only a few blocks from the Great Lake, even if the house was small. Sol would spend hours playing outside with friends, even whole days when school ended. However, Sol copied her father's cautiousness and never strayed too far from home without adult supervision. She followed all the rules, never getting into trouble even as a child. However, at home Sol got lonely, since her father often worked later into the night, which is why she often could be found at one of her friends' houses at 10 PM, with a little note sitting on the table at home saying whose house she was staying at. A part of her saw finding her brother she never knew she had was the best gift she ever got, even though he was and still is slightly annoying. (Those details can be found in Nox's bio)

Personality: Friendly, though she gets strict when it comes to rules. (Nox always complains she has to loosen up.) She enjoys learning new things, and is extremely patient even if something goes terribly wrong, though she can be a bit forceful if she wants someone to do something, though it usually ends in a chat where each one explains their problem and they make a compromise.
Skills: She likes writing in her pastime, enjoying letting her imagination flow and the moments of quiet. She has to be a good cook, since that's the food source the two have when their dad works. And Dad isn't really a great chef. Also good at long distance running and solving fights and arguments (A skill dearly needed)
Description: Fairly tall, somewhat pale with dark amber eyes, and shoulder-length glossy brown hair tinted slightly red


Name: Equinox (Nox)
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Season: Summer


Nox has a rough history. It started when he was only two years old, when a criminal broke into the family house, killed his mom, burned the house down, and stole baby Nox and left him in the streets. He was lucky that a worker of an orphanage found him. For the next seven years Nox was in that orphanage. But he hated the way they were all treated, so he ran away. He became a sort of young street rat, with a lot of close calls with the law. When he was 13, on a typical day avoiding the police, Nox bumped into Sol who had gotten lost playing hide-and-seek with her friends. She had immediately lost interest in her game and followed Nox, bugging him with questions of a typical unknowing 11-year-old. He ignored her until the question popped up: "Are you playing hide-and-seek too?" Nox got an idea from that. He replied yes, asking if she knew a good place to hide. Sol suggested he come to her house, because "None of your friends will look there!" Back home, Sol was scolded by her father for bringing a strange boy into the house, especially because her father knew the looks of a young troublemaker. He asked if Sol even knew his name. Sol shook her head. She still didn't see a problem. Her father turn to Nox, who had been leaning against the wall with his head down, as he had learned never to trust random adults. Nox was forced to look up at the man, to be faintly respactable when he was asked, "What's your name, boy?" Nox had shrugged. He didn't care what he was called, as long as it wasn't "Pierre." That was what they had called him at the orphanage. Nox saw the man's face go from annoyance to shock. He knew he had been recognized. But Nox didn't expect what came next: a hug. Through struggling from being squished, Nox heard the man say, "Equinox, I had thought we lost you." Nox pushed away. "Equinox? Sorry, but you have the wrong guy." The man shook his head. "No. Look. Let me explain..." Nox had reluctantly listened to the story, where the man -- no, HIS FATHER -- explained what had happened that night, conveniently exactly 12 years ago. That was the end of Nox's street rat days, where he got a proper family, but not the end of his roaming and tricks.

Personality: He has two sides. Though he still has the street rat in him, he's nice, caring, and often lord of sarcasm. However, in a bad mood he's rude, lazy, and arrogant. And on either side, he's at times short tempered. Typical, really. Also, he's the annoying older brother
Skills: Some things never left him. He's a master tactician, quick to understanding, easily adjusts to anything thrown at him. An excellent runner, having lots of practice. And he likes pulling tricks on his motorcycle, just to show off. Randomly good at sketching things in a short amount of time, often when he gets bored
Description: Tall, fairly tan and well-built, he has vibrant golden eyes and an unruly mess of choppy reddish-blackish hair that often falls into his eyes

Nox and Sol:

I kinda wanna clear up teh sibling relationship between Nox and Sol. Also, this is where I and Sol got our names from o.o our rp chars. Because it's perfect XD


So Nox is the annoying older brother, but he does care and helps Sol around the house when their dad is somewhere at work. However he is outside a lot, sometimes getting into trouble from another new idea he has that didn't work, and often they get increasingly dangerous. Sol needs her incredible patience at those moments, to explain to whoever that Nox had no bad intentions and just likes trying new things. Nox has actually become somewhat dependent on that, and therefore times his ideas to moments where Sol won't be busy, yes also partly because he doesn't want to interrupt her. Sol is often either hanging out with her friends or sitting on a park bench writing something, and will often see Nox zooming by on his motorcycle with his "buddies," if she isn't home making their next meal. They do however spend quality time together, like movie night every Sunday when Dad is home, and usually on rainy days when no one wants to go outside (because when it rains in Summer, it REALLY rains) Nox might throw out random ideas for Sol's stories, or Sol thinks of something to keep Nox off the couch watching sports and hogging the living room. They work well together, for having totally opposite personalities.



Name: Fae
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Season: Spring
History: Fae's lived with her parents in the big city her whole life and she knows all the tricks there are about it, not fearing the back alleyways as she can handle herself since she took self defense classes since she was 6.
Personality: Fae is tough and refuses to back down to anything, which sometimes makes her reckless, though she's nice and laid back with what friends she has.
Skills: She enjoys fist fighting and considers her way to quickly start arguments a gift.
Description: Tall, tan, fairly muscled for a girl, she has short choppy black hair she cuts on her own and electric blue eyes.
She's kind of a tomboy, and you might compare her to Clarisse from the Percy Jackson series, if you've read it. This feels lame compared to the fifty lined each at least bios from you, Goldy oWo


Name: Angelica
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Season: Spring


Angelica has always been an innocent little girl, quite literally. But, hey, everyone needs a childhood tragedy. Otherwise, life isn't complete. Angelica used to live with her mother and father in a large mansion. Yes, they were rich. Angelica was somewhat spoiled, getting everything she wanted and never being told no. But she still used manners, even if they were a bit rough. And here we go. The bad part. The next-door neighbors were incredibly jealous, the man a bit insane. One night, after a long and big party, the man pulled out a flamethrower (please. Don't ask how. I don't know. Just go with the flow.) and burned the place down. Angelica's parents died, but Angelica had been at her friend's house for a sleepover. Angelica didn't understand what happened when the police came to pick her up. She was only 6, she understood nothing. After the police had a discussion with Angelica's aunt and whatever, her aunt became her official guardian. And neither of them liked it. Her aunt hated her, considered her as a spoiled and annoying little brat, and was always rude to her. Angelica didn't like it because her life went from living in a huge mansion to a two-room cottage in the middle of nowhere with barely any electricity or running water. Though Angelica did like the nature, all the birds and trees and flowers. When she was sent to boarding school, she made new friends. Though she didn't like how, when she told them about the tragedy, they treated her like a poor and helpless baby. She lived with it, though, as it was better than her aunt. The only thing she liked about coming home for the summer was being able to run through the woods, exploring everything. When her aunt got enough money, they moved to the big city, which meant another change in Angelica's life. No more wild, no more beautiful songs from the birds. Instead it was fumes and roaring of engines, and skyscrapers and all that. Yeah, there were parks, but nothing could drown out the noises. She almost went back to her original life, as the house was big and spacey and Angelica had a wide variety of clothes, but that was because she had to get everything herself with her allowance. Her aunt sent her to a new school, and was never home because she had to work in order to keep the house and everything. But since Angelica was an optimist, she saw it as learning new things in life, and seeing how it was living almost on your own and having to make your own food and bed and dressing yourself instead of having other people do it. She was actually glad for this life.

Personality: Angelica is very friendly, optimistic and upbeat about everything. She's also very talkative, like a chirping bird that can't shut up. It's almost impossible to get her serious, unhappy, or mad about anything. She's also very daring and adventurous.
Skills: She's an excellent cook, and is also very open to people's problems and solving them, and one of the randomest things is architecture and math. An architect is actually her dream job.
Description: Quite short, standing about 5'3, thin but fit, with long dirty blonde hair she likes to keep in a French braid, and natural deep green eyes



Name: Iris
Gender: Female
Age: 15
Season: Summer


Iris had been raised by her loving and supportive parents and had been a bright, obedient girl. She had a younger brother named Zac, who was 1 year younger that her, and an older sister named Blythe, who was 2 years older than her. The three of them were very close; much closer than most siblings. They barely ever fought or argued, and they had a lot of common interests.
Throughout elementary school, Iris was bright student, and had good grades. She had great friends and teachers, and of course her family played their part in creating her character. You could say she had it good, a perfect life in some of her peer's eyes. As 8th grade went by, it got tougher and tougher for her. Plus, a new student had moved to her school earlier in the year and Iris and the girl instantly became friends. Ruby was her name. They had some of the same interests, though, she was a bit devious and mulipulative, and she also got jealous easily. Soon enough, Iris was becoming more like her. It was obvious to everyone around her that Ruby was a bad influence. Iris's other friends tried to get her to spend less time with her and more time with her old friends. Iris didn't listen though, she trusted Ruby with anything and wouldn't just stop talking to her. She was becoming more rude and her grades were dropping. Ruby would persuade her to skip classes with her, and sneak out at night after she'd supposed to be asleep. All they really did was hang out, but sometimes Ruby would smuggle some alcohol from her older brother. Iris was smart enough not to join her, though she'd get curious..
One hot day, Ruby had invited Iris to sleep over at her place (it wasn't the first time). Of course Iris's parents had hesitated, but Iris was making up excuses and saying she'd been at the house too long and she needed to get out for a day, and she got permission. Iris lived only a block away from Ruby, so she walked to her place, carrying her stuff with her. Iris got to Ruby's large house in only about five minutes, knocked on the door and Ruby's father let her in. She walked herself to Ruby's room. Her jaw dropped. Iris found Ruby's legs draped over an older guy's lap with the both of them smoking. Iris asked her what she was doing.
"Smoking of course," Ruby smiled easily. "Would you like to join us?" She asked.
Iris replied instantly, "No. I would like not to join you two." She looked over to the guy, "and who is he?" She pointed.
Ruby explained that he was her 17 year old boyfriend, named Chad, and that it was love at first sight. "I can't live without him." Ruby had just met him the day before, and became his girlfriend a couple hours ago. "Oh, and he's sleeping over too." She smiled. Iris felt uneasy about having a stranger sleeping in the same room as her, especially since he was an older guy.
"I'm just going to go get a snack..." Iris slowly stepped out of the room and headed for the stairs. She looked behind her and Ruby and Chad were following. Iris still had her bag in her hand and headed for the door. She was not sleeping over with him in the building.
"Iris, where are you going?" Asked Chad.
"Oh, I just need some air," she replied casually. She opened one of the french doors and quickly slipped out to see Blythe running towards the house. "Blythe?"
Blythe's long hazel hair was messy and she was out of breath. "The house-" she panted, "someone broke in, we don't know where dad is. The police are there, we need to go home!" Iris's eyes widended. Blythe took her by the wrist and they both started down the street. There was a blur of orange and red, and the grass in front of the sisters is on fire. Iris turned, to see Chad with a flame over his left hand, with Ruby clutching onto his other arm.
"Where are you two going? I thought we were going to have some snacks," he grinned.
"Ruby, Blythe and I need to go home!" Iris couldn't believe this was happening.
"You're supposed to stay here, Iris," Ruby stared at her. "Stay here, and since your sister is here too, she also needs to stay." Iris was confused with why Ruby was acting like this.
"Come on," Blythe pulled Iris. Another flame got in their path. Blythe let go of Iris, turned and marched up to Chad. Her mouth opened and Iris expected to her to explode at Chad, but there was another fiery blur, but bigger. All that came out from Blythe's mouth was a yelp. Iris knew what had happened. She turned and ran down the street in the direction of her house. Tears were streaming down her face as she ran and she finally got to her house. There were cops and an ambulance. She saw her dad laying on a gurney, he was alive. Though another family member wasn't. She ran to the nearest cop and told him what had happened. Everything else happened in a blur.
Her father was shot in the arm, and he'd live. The security sytem wasn't on when the events happened. Iris blamed everything on her. Iris changed her image afterwards. She promised herself not to trust anyone again, and kept to herself since the event.

Personality: Quiet, friendly, protective (of those closest to her), trustworthy, and brave.
Skills: Loves sketching (art >,>), reads and writes, can run fast and be quiet and sneaky without people noticing easily.
Description: Straight shoulder length snow white hair (bleached) with rainbow tipped bangs (used to have light brown hair, waist length. 5'4", skinny but fit, hazel eyes, pale skin, high cheekbones, straight nose, heart shaped face


Name: Zac
Gender: Male
Age: 14
Season: Summer
History: Zac had been a good kid as well, a lot like his older sister, Iris. He had good grades, was a bright person, and friendly to others, though a bit competitive and very protective. After the events that involved his sister, Blythe, and the break-in in their home, he had too grown a bit more quiet, and kept to himself. He didn't take it as hard as Iris did, but he missed the old days. No on at their school really understood, him and his sister became "odd-balls", and they lost quite a lot of their friends. Zac's grades stayed fine though. According to society in their school, you could say he became a nerd, he knows not to listen to rumors or to what other's think and say.
Personality: Kind, quiet, protective of his family, smart, and a bit competitive. He'll be open to anyone unless if they act as a threat towards him or his family. Somewhat like Iris, but not as adventurous or curious.
Skills: Can run fast, strong, kind of a book-worm, and a bit sensitive.
Description: 5'3", thin but fit, pale skin, sleek and straight black hair, you could say he has 'flippy' hair that almost reached his shoulders, high cheekbones and a straight nose like his sister, and has the kind of hazel eyes that would appear different colors sometimes.



Name: Zodiac (Zod) Wisp
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Season: Winter
Personality: Zodiac is a strong-willed and outgoing soul. He has a manipulative side, and a silver tongue that can twist words and minds to his favor. He often lounges about or works out in a gym, as he has a competative spirit.
Skills: He's the brute of the family. He's much more fit than Coy, and he's quite manipulative, although he lacks the smarts of how to piece things together. That's where Coy comes in.
Description: Tall and handsome. He has a chiseled face and toned muscles, although he's slender. He has long, thick black hair and warm chocolatey eyes with some chin whiskers.


Name: Collain (Coy) Wisp
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Season: Autumn
Personality: Collain is very shy. He's a bit socially awkward, but once you crack him he's very warm-hearted, kind, and loyal. Unknown to most, he's quite romantic.
Skills: Brain over brawn, baby. Coy is very intellegent, and can formulate plans in meer seconds. However, he lacks the ability of how to put the plans in action, which is where Zodiac comes in.
Description: Tall, although he isn't quite what one would call handsome. He's skinny, and he has some delicate, slightly feminine features. He has thick black hair and warm chocolatey eyes with a clean-shaven face.


Collain and Zodiac, two identical twins; their mum a stripper working in a nightclub for a few extra bucks, their father a drunken b****rd who managed to get himself killed in a barfight, it was obvious why they fled from their home at 13. With Zod an arrangement of kitchen knives and his father's old pistol and Coy with a sack of money and study materials, they survived on the streets. Zodiac the rouge and Coy the mastermind, Coy continued his schooling, an A+ nerd, while Zod was a dropout. Zod managed to hookup with his old bud, Lloyd, who dropped out a few years before him. He had a small network of young orphans whom he rescued and trained to steal for and serve him in return for shelter and safety. Life was good. At age 15, Coy in 10th grade, one of Lloyd's recruits snitched to the city cops. Him and most of his little soldiers were killed, while a handful and Zod and Coy scattered. Zodiac and Coy crashed at the city's local elementary school's playground for a few weeks, returning to sleep at 8 and scramming at 5:00 to avoid capture. Unknown to Coy, Zodiac wandered down to the night club their mum worked at most nights. He kept his eye on a middle-aged man who looked to have a good bit of cash on him, some night's tracking him to his 2-story apartment in a surprisingly run-down place. One Monday afternoon after school, Coy dragged his brother to the city library to work on a report. As Coy weaved among the shelves and scribbled in his $0.99 notebook, Zod hit the computers. After nearly an hour slaving away at the desktop, a familier face finally popped up on the screen. According to the internet, the man's name was Dorian Gan, a conman who was rolling in money before the state took a good chunk of it. He was no stranger to the law, that was for sure. Apparently, he had no known relatives or children, and he rarely stayed in one for long, seemingly moving all over the world in less that a month at a home trying to escape officers. At two o'clock A.M. that very next morning, Coy was curled up in a corner of the kids' playhouse, but Zod was no-where in sight. He was standing next a throat-slit body crumpled on oak flooring, the boning knife in his hand dripping crimson. After the gruesome job of slicing Dorian's body in to small pieces and disposing of them down the toilet and into the sewers, he then began shredding the apartment. He smashed one of the two tv's, pulled up floor boards, killed several plants. He sliced up furniture, broke several small tables, lamps and appliances. He busted some lights and even scattered trash around the place. Later that day, he led Coy to the apartment, claiming he had found the place online at the library yesterday, and all they needed to do was fix the place up a bit and pay the rent. Truth was, he had spent the rest of the time hacking into Dorian's e-mail, presuming to send one to the apartment complex that he was giving his apartment to his half-brother's two young nephews, Zodiac and Collain and to expect them to move in by Tuesday. So, the two brothers moved in. They patched up the place, and lived a good life there. Zod got a job working at a car dealership, using his youth and his silver tongue to sell to even the most unwilling buyers to pay for the apartment, while Coy graduated high-school and was going to go to college for some higher education. However, what comes next is something the duo could have never dreamed of.

FYI: It is modern day, so include any other details, or a picture.

~~Note by Goldy~~
Once we're farther into the rp, it'll be difficult to sign up a new char unless you're a mastermind and you see an opening where we could use another person, or you're just clever that way. Also, late replies will also have to have the rp where they're introduced to everyone else.

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Colonel Gold

Colonel Gold
The Dark Side
We can also add in art for descriptions of characters. Here's a headshot of Sol, I did my best but I'm still better at drawing on paper, but computer gives you a better way of coloring soooyeah.
Sol's head:
...I'm really unsatisfied with the lips but it's the best I could do..

Elementals Sign-up Sol_he12

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Warrant Officer Silver

Warrant Officer Silver
Communist Admins
Communist Admins

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Colonel Gold

Colonel Gold
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Just... a... normal rainbow ring around the eyes o.o.... It's.. not that hard...

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Warrant Officer Silver

Warrant Officer Silver
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Communist Admins
o_______o howww Dx

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