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Class 2: Actual Roleplay

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Colonel Gold

Colonel Gold
The Dark Side
Welcome back, class! Now we'll be talking about actually roleplaying on the forum. Let's get straight to the point here: no dashes, asterisks, or other symbols. Meaning no *noms on cookie* or -explodes-. That is a no-no on the official roleplay topic. Here, you're roleplaying as if you're writing a book. So, it would be: "Hades ate her cookies silently." or "Hades exploded." Note it's in third person. So there's no "me, myself, and I" here. It's the name of your character. Also note that it's past tense. You'll always be using past tense unless you're a writing genius and can figure out a way to make it present tense. Yes, when characters speak they'll always have that past/present/future tense option, but actions are a bit more tricky.
And remember! It's not just the actions of the character, it's their thoughts as well. There are a few ways to roleplay thoughts:
-Hades turned the box around in her hands. Well, it doesn't LOOK dangerous. But... I don't think I should trust strange objects, she thought.
-Hades opened the box. First, nothing... then BAM! A pie in her face. Of course, she thought, why hadn't she realized he would try pulling a prank like this?
So it's either italics or just plain text. There's always gonna be that "he/she thought" bit.
*Tip* Don't make your roleplay message too long or too short. Shortness is understandable if your character is having a conversation with another user's character, but otherwise my suggestion is at least three sentences. Also, don't make your message too long. We don't want anyone dying in attempt to read what you said. If you can, separate your messages into smaller ones over time. Remember, everyone loves cliffhangers at moments of drama! (Ha, yeah. Right. No, everyone hates them. But that's the fun part of making them.) Of course, if you're trying to catch up with action then long messages are acceptable. But please don't kill us.

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Hexicrypt Shift

Post on Fri Jul 12, 2013 5:52 pm by Hexicrypt Shift

I'm pretty sure that last bit was aimed at me xD

Colonel Gold

Post on Fri Jul 12, 2013 6:22 pm by Colonel Gold

Yyyyeaaah it was XD

Hexicrypt Shift

Post on Fri Jul 12, 2013 6:23 pm by Hexicrypt Shift

Well, sorry for trying to enhance my writing ability xD

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