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Class 3: Roleplay Discussion

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Colonel Gold

Colonel Gold
The Dark Side
Welcome back, guys, for the third class. I'll be talking about the discussion of your roleplay today.
I often find that when I roleplay, I just need to break and talk with my friend(s) about future events that will happen, just so that we're not blindly going on ahead. Plus, there are some great ideas that just NEED to be shared. For now, we've used the chatbox to discuss some stuff on the roleplay. Questions, ideas, comments, concerns. But not all the roleplayers might be on the chatbox at the time. So, I got another brilliant idea. Once we know for sure a roleplay is going to be active, there will be another forum made for OOC (out of character) roleplay discussion. That's where you, me, and everyone else will go if they have questions, ideas, or the need to refresh their memory because theyweregonefortwodaysandtheyhavenoideawhat'sgoingonbecauseeveryoneelsewentonwithit. *cough* That's about it for this class. I may or may not see you soon! Depending on if I get another idea or not... What? Nothing. I didn't say anything. *bell rings* OKAY BYE!

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