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August 2019

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Hexicrypt Shift

Hexicrypt Shift
Chief Admin
Chief Admin
The race to find a cure

Thirty years ago, the world was thrown into chaos. Strange creatures emerged, human but not. First there was one, then tens, then hundreds, and now thousands upon ten-thousands. Humans, evolving into humungous wolf-like creatures. Not only do they turn at the slightest of frustration or anger, but they're out for blood. Now, the humans they've turned are more than just crazed animals. They're wild beasts. They attack even when they're not in their wolf form, reverting back to their wild roots. Several of the wolf creatures have even managed to mate with humans during their normal state, resulting in hybrids. There are still a handful of humans left, clustered and locked in a facility together. They capture the wolves, locking them in cells as they work to find a cure. Their system isn't fool proof, however, and many wolves have escaped and killed off more humans. Perhaps there could be hope for humans as they search for a cure and the one wolf that started it all...

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