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General Forum Rules

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Colonel Gold

Colonel Gold
The Dark Side
Everything has rules. Here are ours:
-Be fair and respectful to everyone
-Try not to annoy anyone, please
-No unnecessary drama

~Roleplay Rules~
-No powerplaying. That means don't take control of another person's character.
-If you're fighting, don't make it too gory or anything like that.
-Try not the be the ultra-mega-powerful god in the roleplay. Unless that's the point xD But really. Be fair with powers and whatever. There are many main characters here, don't forget to share the glory.

This simple list may enlarge. We aren't that strict, so just try to follow the rules to the best of your ability. If you have rule suggestions, please, tell us. I'm pretty braindead anyway...


General Forum Rules MZcG0h6

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