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Hexicrypt Shift

Hexicrypt Shift
Chief Admin
Chief Admin
Hah hah, Shifty here. I know this is kind of Gold's thing, but I felt like something else should be added quickly: types of roleplay. Gold will probably be all like "OH MY GOD YOU STOLE MY THING YOU (censored for common decency). But, anyways, I'll be using my friend, Pengu the Puffin (Say hi Pengu!) to help me out. Now, I'll try to make this as short and painless as possible, but no promises ;3


Now, you must be thinking, "what is this type of roleplay you speak of?" I'm talking about lengths and details. Now, there's three types, which shall be explained more later: Basic, Mediocre, and Advanced. This topic will not only help you know which type of roleplayer you are, but how to possibly improve.

Part One: Basic

Now now, we get to the "fun" stuff. A basic roleplay post is exactly what it sounds like: basic. It has the bare minimum of the information you need, lacking in details and other descriptions including the setting, character feelings, and thoughts. What does a basic post look like, you say? Well, Pengu, its your time to shine!

Pengu hopped on a rock. He looked around. He saw a fish. He flew to the water and caught the fish. He ate it.

That my friends is a basic roleplay session. It contains typically 1 - 2 sentences, unless you chopped it up into fairly simple ones like I did. It displayed the character's actions and the reactions, but nothing more. It tells you what you need to know.

Part Two: Mediocre

Now, this is where most roleplayers stay at. A Mediocre post contains what you need to know, but it has more details. It contains details such as thoughts, emotions, and more descriptive actions.

Pengu flapped his wings, landing on a near-by rock. He scanned the ocean before him, a flicker of silver catching his eye. A fish! he thought excitedly, taking off. He soared over the blue waters, diving down and clutching the fish in his talons and killing it swiftly. He flew back towards the rock he had roosted on earlier, dropping it. He bend down and began to eat the tender meat.

See? It told you what the character did, how it did it, and described the setting. It typically consists of one paragraph, although when making a longer post, occasionally two.

Part Three: Advanced Roleplay

Advanced. This shows a sign of great literacy skills, however, it can discourage other users when making incredebly detailed and long posts, so beware! Advanced posts describe each detail to the full extent. It describes the setting, the character, the thoughts, and any other detail that can be squeezed in there.

Pengu pumped his glossy black wings, allowing them to carry him upwards. He set down gently on a smooth gray rock, jutting out of the warm golden sand. The black-and-white puffin's head slowly turned, scanning the salty ocean as it glittered in the morning light. A quick flash tipped him off, and narrowing his icy blue eyes, caught sight of it again. Aha! My meal has arrived! He crouched, his long black tail feathers ruffling as he prepared for take-off. With a push of his scrawny, orange-yellow legs, he climbed higher and higher into the sky. He soared, gaining altitude as he tracked the trout over the crystaline radiant waters.

I'm just going to stop there, I think you've gotten the point. See how it described much more than needed? Again, I caution you when using advanced post, as they're descriptive but typically contain less content due to the immense size.

I hope you've enjoyed this nice little session of mine! Shifty, out!

Goldy's words:
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Colonel Gold

Post on Wed Sep 04, 2013 5:07 pm by Colonel Gold

*clears throat*
"OH MY GOD YOU STOLE MY THING YOU (censored for common decency)."
There ya go.
But really, no, I'm not annoyed at all xD I appreciate help with any of the stuff I think of, because my brain ends up dying halfway and so I'm all "WHAT DO I SAAAAAAAY" and then blah.

Hexicrypt Shift

Post on Thu Sep 05, 2013 10:22 pm by Hexicrypt Shift

Oh, lol xD Well, you're kind of unpredictable, soooo...yeah, hah hah.

Colonel Gold

Post on Sat Sep 07, 2013 11:22 am by Colonel Gold

Yes... I like being unpredictable......*enter evil grin here*

Hexicrypt Shift

Post on Sat Sep 07, 2013 11:35 am by Hexicrypt Shift

Yes...I've noticed that....

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